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About Us

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Ian and I (Janet) were married in 1971, having now celebrated our Golden Anniversary.  We moved to Copper Beeches in 1999 and started the accommodation business in 2004, with the Cottages ready for guests in 2005 and 2006.  We have two daughters and four grandchildren, now being teenagers.  We are a dog loving family.  Ian looks after our animals, when we have pigs, they live in our back garden.  Our cows and sheep live locally, we own 10 acres at North Marden and rent or have the use of more acreage close to home.

Here are some of animals you may see when you visit Copper Beeches

Probably your first animal encounter will be with Bonnie, she is a friendly and playful Cockapoo. 

Bonnie joined us at Copper Beeches in February, 2023 as a puppy of 10 weeks.
We have had Weimaraner's for over thirty years, our two previous dogs were rescued.  Oscar (pictured below) lived to be 13 years old, having had him as a puppy.
We have an indoor crate for Bonnie if need be, should any guests be a little nervous about dogs. 

Poppy the Dalmatian is her playmate during the day while I dog sit for our daughter Debbie. 
We thoroughly enjoys our walks on the South Downs, Petersfield Heath and surrounding areas, as Bonnie is so young we have yet to find how she will behave with our livestock, although she wants to play with the chickens. 

Oscar amongst daisies
oxford sandy and blacks.jpg

Some of our favourites are the Oxford Sandy and black pigs.  During the Winter months we do not keep them, because of the ground conditions.

We also have two Middle White Gilts which we plan to breed with, come May, the the Boar will visit them.

middle whites.jpg
3 H X Calves 09.21.jpg

We have Hereford Cross cows which we bucket fed a few years ago. These have been crossed with a Hereford bull. Their offspring  live on rented land or else graze on the South Downs for the Conservation Board or on our own land at North Marden. 

Cow and calf
Ian and cattle
Sheep in a line.JPG

Our sheep are Rare Breed 'Dorset Down', at present we have a total of 23, including breeding, last years lambs as well as 11 lambs born last year.

We are lambing at the moment, so far we have two ram lambs.


Of course, we must not forget the various breeds of chicken and ducks which lay the free range eggs for the breakfast table.











Our Bed and Breakfast and Self Catering guests are welcome to visit our animals.  In fact we encourage our Self Catering guests to save any suitable waste for our pigs and poultry.

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